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Short-listed for the 3-Day Novel Contest!

Ok, Ok. So I'm posting this on the day or day before finding out who the winner is, but I'm so behind on updating this website I thought I should build some suspense - contrived as it is. This is the shortlist, posted on April 14th, 2021. The five are given in no particular order but I kinda like that I'm the first on the list:

The time has come to announce the shortlist from our 2020 contest! In no particular order, our shortlist of five is:

Isobel’s Mountain by Jan Redford Light Yrself on Butterflies by Elijah Sparkman Safety Behaviors by H.T. Smith The Crossover at Clifton Hill by Mark Southern Unrest by Emma Côté

We will be announcing our winner, runner-up, and any honourable mentions next week. Keep an eye on our social media feeds for the final results! You can register for our 2021 contest here. Our 2019 winner Just Like a Real Person by Douglas Diaczuk will be published later this spring.

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