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Advance Praise for End of the Rope

Climbing mountains becomes a source of both joy and loss for Jan Redford—as she finds her own gutsy route through that other wilderness, of marriage and motherhood. Cheryl Strayed, move over: End of The Rope is a rambunctious, funny, heartstopping memoir that carries us along on an electric current of risk and courage.

–MARNI JACKSON, author and senior faculty, the Mountain and Wilderness Writing Program, Banff Centre

“A hair-raising triumph—my heart raced on every page, wondering if Jan Redford would seize her lost courage or plummet to physical and psychological annihilation.”

–KATHLEEN WINTER, author of Boundless

Jan Redford is a bad-ass. She is also a born storyteller, and this one – the mountains she has climbed, the men she has loved – and survived – is gritty, funny, tragic, and ultimately victorious.

Women’s voices are a conspicuous rarity in the mountaineering world, and tobacco-chewing mother’s voices are even rarer; Redford’s is a bracing and refreshing corrective – intimate, affectionate, loud and clear.

­–JOHN VAILLANT, author of The Golden Spruce

Jan Redford is my new favourite feminist anti-heroine: a potty-mouthed, tobacco-chewing, take-no-shit mountain climber who is at once strong-minded and insecure, fierce and vulnerable, loveable and flawed. Redford’s voice pulsates with immediacy and vitality, and she writes her story with a bull’s eye precision and unflinching honesty. Inspiring, funny, heartbreaking, and bold, End of the Rope is a book about survival and courage, about letting go of old dreams and finding new ones. I couldn’t put it down.

–AYELET TSABARI, author of The Best Place on Earth

Move over boys – I have a new favourite adventure writer! END OF THE ROPE tells the mountain story I’ve been longing to read. Surrounded by death, Jan Redford must learn to live. In a world dominated by powerful men, she fights for the courage and confidence to lead rather than follow. I love Redford’s grit, her fallibility, her physicality, her honesty.  I want to put this memoir into every mountain woman’s hands, every mother’s hands, and the hands of every woman struggling to take charge of her own future. A hearty welcome to a new voice that’s sometimes tough, sometimes vulnerable, but always brave.

–ANGIE ABDOU, author of The Bone Cage

Jan Redford shows us that there are many types of bravery required, not just in the wilderness, but in surviving day to day life. End of the Rope is at times funny, but always compassionate and courageous.

–TANIS RIDEOUT, author of Above All Things

“In this scrappy memoir of love, loss, and mountaineering, Jan Redford gracefully explores a familiar midlife quandary: how to balance safety with adventure.”

–ADA CALHOUN, author of Wedding Toasts I’ll Never Give

End of the Rope is a riveting journey of surviving loss, finding love, and summoning the courage to keep climbing. Jan Redford takes us inside the male-dominated world of climbing, where missteps can mean death, and mental grit is as important as physical strength. A beautifully written and breathtakingly honest book.

–CAROL SHABEN, author of Into the Abyss

Rowdy, raw, even raucous at times, End of the Rope is a heartbreakingly vulnerable memoir. Through her story, Jan Redford exposes contradictions within the climbing community that test the hearts and souls of the tribe she calls her own.

–BERNADETTE MCDONALD, author of Freedom Climbers

Jan Redford’s debut is beautifully crafted, fierce and uncompromising. Her cathartic book pivots around the moment she learned that her boyfriend Dan Guthrie had perished in an avalanche. With a ‘take no prisoners’ style she recounts the freewheeling years leading up to her relationship with Dan, how his loss sent her life into a tail spin and how she finally found balance. Jan writes with blistering honesty; she is fearless in relating the conflicts of family life and mountaineering, a disastrously co dependent marriage, and her struggles with her father, her ex husband and herself. End of the Rope is a compelling and often unsettling read.

–MARIA COFFEY, author of Where the Mountain Casts its Shadow